Welcome to the home of the OpenL2TP project.

OpenL2TP is an open source L2TP client / server, written specifically for Linux. It has been designed for use as an enterprise L2TP VPN server or in commercial, Linux-based, embedded networking products and is able to support hundreds of sessions, each with different configuration. It is used by several ISPs to provide L2TP services and by corporations to implement L2TP VPNs.

OpenL2TP boasts the most complete implementation of the L2TP RFC, RFC2661. If you are setting up an L2TP server to support remote teleworkers, or if you are an ISP using L2TP to tunnel PPP traffic, or you are a regular Linux user who needs a good L2TP client to connect to your workplace, OpenL2TP is for you.

OpenL2TP consists of a userspace daemon which handles the L2TP control protocol and a kernel component that handles the datapath. The Linux kernel driver that was developed for OpenL2TP was integrated into the Linux 2.6.23 kernel and is maintained by the authors of OpenL2TP.