V1.7, 18-MAR-2010

This is the first release for a long time. The L2TP PPP plugins are
now integrated into ppp-2.4.5 so are no longer built and installed by
OpenL2TP by default. There are also some bugfixes and updates for
compatibility with latest distro versions.

The default PPP version is changed to ppp-2.4.5. If building from
source, use make PPP_VER=xxxx to override.

Fix build issues when using latest versions of popular
distros. Specifically, a #define created by the bison parser clashed
with a name used in a libc header file.

Use /dev/urandom to obtain random numbers, not /dev/random, since the
latter might cause openl2tpd to stall if the system's random entropy
is exhausted. This could have the effect of stalling openl2tpd when
lots of tunnels and sessions are used.

Fix a bug in the saving of ppp config options using the "config save"
command. The default_route setting is now saved.

Add new -P command line switch to openl2tpd, which can be
used to tell openl2tpd to use a specific pid filename instead of the
default /var/run/ This is useful if running more than
one L2TP daemon on the same host using the network namespace support.

Fix ppp auth flag modify bugs, caused by wrong use of flags vs flags2
for some flag definitions. This broke several auth_xxx options in the
ppp profile.

Fix a bug reported by Sergei Zhirikov where OpenL2TP
removes an IPSec SPD entry that it doesn't add, namely
spddelete -4n[1701][any] udp -P out;

Define struct l2tp_control_hdr as a packed structure. On some
architectures (ARM), this is otherwise padded by the compiler and
results in L2TP packet parse errors. This problem was reported by

Change RPM packaging to use a separate openl2tp-ppp package for the
OpenL2TP pppd plugins. These are provided in ppp-2.4.5 or later, so
are no longer supplied in openl2tp packages. Users only need to load
the openl2tp-ppp package if using ppp-2.4.4 or earlier. On Fedora,
ppp-2.4.5-7 or later is needed sine earlier versions do not contain
the L2TP plugins due to a packaging bug.

Update startup scripts to handle the module name change in new
versions of the kernel driver. The L2TP driver is being split into
several modules to support L2TPv3. When the new drivers are integrated
into the mainline kernel, "modprobe pppol2tp" will be replaced by
"modprobe l2tp_core l2tp_ppp".

Import a patch to fix Debian source build compatibility problem from
Stony, posted at