V1.8, 22-NOV-2010

Bring OpenL2TP into line w.r.t. Debian lib/lib64 directory usage. The
Debian standard is that native packages always install to lib, not
lib64, even on 64-bit systems. For multiarch systems (32-bit and
64-bit versions on the same system), the 32-bit versions will live in
lib32. All of this would be handled by the distros package
installer. Fedora, however, uses lib64 in 64-bit systems, so OpenL2TP
now considers the distro type when it derives the lib64 path.

Always compile with -Wno-strict-aliasing to avoid strict aliasing
warnings using gcc-4.4 and newer. This was causing compile problems in
recent distro versions.

Improve the config file parser to allow numeric values where names are
expected, i.e. for numeric profile names, tunnel/session names
etc. Where a numeric string is desired, the value ie specified in
quotes, i.e. "42". This fixes bugs 2988997 and 2960989.

Add support for non-ASCII usernames and passwords. These values may
now be specified using the same extended syntax as pppd supports,
where non-ASCII characters may be specified as \nnn or \xHH octal or
hex values.

Fix a bug in pppd auth options, reported by Kevin Locke (bug
2981904). If a user sets auth_mschapv2=yes in openl2tpd.conf
refuse-mschapv2 could be wrongly passed to pppd.

Fix a problem in the init script for Debian Squeeze, where a failed
modprobe would cause the script to exit. Fix provided by FrankL.

Import a patch from bircoph posted on to add name
resolution support for IP address parameters. This lets users specify
a name for IP addresses, which is resolved when the config is
applied. A caveat is that the address saved by "l2tp config save" or
displayed in the tunnel/session show commands will be the resolved IP
address, not the original name supplied by the user.