[Openl2tp-users] Non browsing after PPP session established

Bob Carrick bcarrick at finepoint.com
Thu Aug 4 19:41:52 BST 2005

Afternoon everyone, (or evening, etc depending on time zones).  Odd
question, been working extensively with OpenL2TP and have the tunnel
established, have RADIUS authentication for the PPP session coming
through the LAC to the LNS working off the OpenL2TP LNS without issue.

Now for the big problem, which I'm just at a loss for is why when the
PPP session tries to route to the internet we received a "Source Route
Failed" error on pings etc?  No external web browsing can happen, no
pings, trace routes etc.  The packets all appear to match the packets of
the working RP-L2TP implementation etc, but in this version the kernel
does not take the packet from the pppd after it was stripped of it's
L2TP from OpenL2TP and send it off.

Any thoughts at all would be appreciated.

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