[Openl2tp-users] Bundle different media types

Jorge Boncompte [DTI2] jorge at dti2.net
Thu Oct 30 13:48:26 GMT 2008

James Chapman escribió:
> Robert Borz wrote:
>> I'd like to do so and thought l2tp offers this functionality. 
> L2TPv2 carries only ppp traffic. If bridged ppp were supported by Linux,
> your proposal would work.
>> How's the schedule to support v3 of l2tp with openl2tp?
> It's slipping because other (paying) work is getting in the way. If I
> could persuade someone to help contribute to development costs, it would
> help to make more progress. :)
> That said, if you'd be willing to test pre-release code and are
> comfortable with building and installing custom kernels, we could try to
> get a pre-release together. We have L2TPv3 ethernet pseudowire working
> in lab conditions (UDP encap), but it needs much more testing. The
> datapath is all handled in the kernel - each L2TP session (pseudowire)
> exposes a standard ethN interface which you add to a Linux bridge using
> standard Linux bridge management tools.

	I'm interested in testing, do you have the code on a SCM? I am not using 
openl2tpd myself due to lack of time to port my plugins for rp-l2tp to 
openl2tp but plan to do so soonish.

>> Thank you for your proposal. We already thought of putting the pppoe server before the lac and just do routing between the lac and the lns. Because we've a lot of different places which should be connected to our lns, we do mind about the decentralized ip address management. We want to use radius for authentication of customers, but I'm currently not so familiar with. Is there an opportunity to let radius manage the ip pool the pppoe-server hands out? This would allow a central ip-pool management and placing the server in front of the lac.
> I think so, though network designers who lurk on this list could
> probably offer better advice.

	I did some time ago a proof of concept implementation of RFC3817 for 
rp-l2tp. It shouldn't be too difficult to implement a plugin for openl2tpd, 
and I think it fits Robert's model very well (if I understood the graphs 


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