[Openl2tp-users] Bundle different media types

Jorge Boncompte [DTI2] jorge at dti2.net
Thu Oct 30 20:10:17 GMT 2008

Robert Borz escribió:
>> 	I have three that I programmed in production:
>> 	- one that proxies tunnels. rp-l2tpd working as a LNS receives an incoming 
>> tunnel and sessions, calls (as a LAC) to another LNS and cross connects the 
>> sessions.
>> 	- one that allows PPPoATM connections. receives PPPoA packets and sends 
>> them via an L2TP tunnel
>> 	- one that allows PPPoE connections. same as above but the PPPoE discovery 
>> phase is managed by pppoe-server of rp-pppoe package.
> The last one sounds quite interesting to me... to see if I understand you correctly, your plugin allows a setup like this?
>                      +---------+                +---------+
>  [ PPPoE client ]----|   LAC   |--[ IP link ] --|   LNS   |---[ PPPoE server ]--- ...
>                      +---------+                +---------+
> The PPPoE client in front of the LAC connects to the PPPoE server behind the LNS?

Not exactly, for that you would need a RFC3817 plugin. As I said it should 
not be too difficult to write one. Mine does this...

[PPPoE client]---|[PPPoE server]+[LAC]|---[IP link]---[LNS]---...

- rp-pppoe is used as a PPPoE server managing the discovery phase, then the 
PPP packets are "cross-connected" to a L2TP session.
- rp-pppoe server is modified to query a RADIUS server before 
"cross-connecting", that allow me to terminate the PPP session in local 
with a pppd too.

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