V1.2, 24-MAR-2008

Fix multilink PPP. This has been broken since 1.0, when the PPP setup
timer was introduced. The fix is to have the openl2tp pppd plugin send
an event to openl2tpd for every PPP interface in the multilink PPP
bundle, not just the first.

Fix a bug in the config file parser which failed to process the
default_route argument of ppp profiles. Any config file with this
option would fail to parse.

Fix the ppp dependency rule in the Debian control file to handle the
fact that Debian/Ubuntu use a suffix name in the ppp package version
which breaks our =2.4.4 dependency and prevents clean package install
on some systems. We now use a combined >=2.4.4 and <2.4.5 rule instead
of =2.4.4.