V1.6, 25-SEP-2008

Import a patch from Ben McKeegan which ensures that subprocesses don't
inherit opened file descriptors from openl2tpd. In some circumstances,
sockets would remain open until all spawned processes exited, which
lead to some unusual effects. Specifically, for any given tunnel, so
long as any of the pppd processes that were forked while that tunnel
was up (including those on different tunnels) are still running or any
daemons started from their init scripts are running, the UDP socket is
never closed, even when openl2tp itself has long since closed the
socket and forgotten about it. This also fixes Bug #2056243 reported
by Ulrich Holeschak.

Deprecate the l2tpconfig help command. The help command caused
l2tpconfig to hang but since it doesn't add any value over the man
page, let's deprecate it. This was first reported in Bug #1792299.

Fix compiler warnings in the pppd plugins.

Avoid linking openl2tpd/l2tpconfig against unnecessary libs (libnsl,
libncurses, librt).

Fix several problems with the Debian package to make it ready for
upstream submission. The Debian package now supports startup
configuration options in a similar way to the RPM packages. Unlike the
RPM packages, the Debian package automatically starts or stops
openl2tpd when the package is installed, as per Debian guidelines.

Split the RPC and header files out to a separate devel package; these
files only need to be installed by developers implementing OpenL2TP
plugins or applications that use the OpenL2TP APIs so they aren't
needed in standard installs.

Fix a bug that was introduced in v1.5 which broke the
inhibit_default_plugin flag. This flag is used by some test plugins to
inhibit the use of for testing.